Create priceless memories that last forever


I help dog owners capture that amazing love, special bond and personality that is one-of-a-kind.

Our lives are made up of moments that we never fully appreciate until they’re only a memory, but I help you capture your dog’s unique personality so you hold onto that moment forever. Our dogs are a great source of companionship, comfort and motivation. Because of them, we live mentally and physically fitter lives. My dog never has a bad day and his “live in the moment” attitude helped me grow from a downtrodden and lost person, to successfully running a profitable business.

That’s the power of dogs. That’s why what I do is so important to me.

I help dog owners celebrate the story of their dog.
Together, we capture those moments, so you can enjoy them every day because nobody will ever love you as much as your dog does.


Want to take better pictures of your dog?

Struggling to take Insta worthy pics of your gorgeous hairy on your phone so you can share with the world?

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I’ve built a community of like-minded dog-loving nuts.

The Pawtrait Pack is an online community connecting people who love animals just as much as I do. The group is our safe place where we can share pictures of our pets without being labelled “crazy“. And it’s not just for dog-loving folk, oh no. We even have a mum to a stick insect in there (shout out to you Figget!).

My online community still wasn’t enough. I wanted more connection.

Everything’s online nowadays and it sucks. So, I organise a number of dog-friendly events exclusive to my Pack where we put the phones down, meet-up and say hello! From our Spring Bark-B-Q and Howlloween Brunch to Hair of the Dog Walks, our events are about spending quality time with your dog and connecting with some awesome new people.


What’s happening in my world?


Ireland:am Valentine’s day gifts for dog lovers…and dogs!

Well, this morning on Ireland:am was an absolute whirlwind for me! My first TV appearance and it flew by in an instant. In case you missed any of the beautiful pieces featured on this mornings show, you can find the full curated list below, complete with links to each...

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Love is in the air with 4 weeks till Valentine’s Day

Today, Valentine’s Day is four weeks away, and that means Love is officially in the air. I’ve never been a big celebrator of Valentine’s Day but that word, “love”, got me thinking last night about all the gorgeous dogs and their humans I met last year. The love we...

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Halloween: your dog & fireworks

October has arrived and pet owners across the country prepare for the ever stressful holiday that is Halloween. While it's my favourite time of the year, for our furry friends, fireworks often cause serious stress and panic. The explosions of noise and light can be a...

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Riley: sun, sand and being dog.

Have you ever met a dog that's ridiculously happy? Well, that's Riley. It was hard to believe when I met him that he was the runt of the litter who was never picked up by his expected new owner. As a result, he was just given to his mum Claire. You can tell they have...

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Audrey on air: life as a pet photographer

Listen up pups! A couple of weeks ago our very own furless leader, Audrey, was interviewed by Victoria Mary Clark. Victoria Mary Clark hosts The 'Art Of Living' Radio Show on DCFM. Every week the show features different guests, some famous, some not, but all...

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Moet: 1st birthday celebrations

My outrageously talented cousin Graham, who is an award-winning hairstylist, had his life bumped up a grade when this ball of smush came along in 2017. I think it's really important to capture that special stage in your dog's life so you can remember it forever and...

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Chinese Year Of The Dog 2018

Here at we are very excited as 2018 is the Chinese Year of the Dog! Celebrations for the Chinese New Year 2018 will take place across Dublin city from 16 February to 4 March 2018. This brilliant two-week festival will have heaps fun family events and lots...

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Valentines Day 2018

Valentine's Day is fast approaching on February 14th and maybe you have a special dog-nut in your life you want to get a gift for. But let’s be honest here...human partner or not, your pup is still probably the love of your life! Read on to see our list of cute,...

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