Frequently Asked Questions


What does Pawtrait do exactly?

I work with frustrated dog owners to capture their dog's one-of-a-kind personality. While other pet photographers may focus on all types of pets,
I focused on my strength; my connection with dogs. By following my passion, I've honed my skills and training into getting the very best out of each pooch. Pawtrait offers professional pet photography for those dog nuts just like me, who want memories that will last a lifetime.

What makes you so different?

Do you talk to your dog like their a human? Do you explain to them why you're leaving or when you'll be back, ask them what they want for dinner or excitedly show them something? If you answered yes, then you and I are kindred spirits and that's what makes us different. I live and breathe mutts! If you're a furparent that wants only the best, you care about making and preserving memories and appreciate quality, then I am the perfect fit for you. About 90% of my work is photographed off-leash and no animal is ever forced to do anything they don't want. This is all taken at the dog's pace.

My dog is not very well behaved, will that be a problem?

I’ve great experience with dogs and the aim is always to capture that hero image. 95% of the dogs I work with are rescue or adopted which means at one point or another, they've had behavioural issues. I've all the time in the world for dogs so don't fret. The session time is a guideline and there won't be a charge if your session runs over because your dog needed a little extra time to settle. I'd recommend bringing treats that your dog does not eat on a regular basis so it will be exciting enough to hold their attention if necessary. If you're in anyway unsure whether a behavioural problem might be an issue then it's best to contact me and let's have a chat about it!

What about nervous dogs?

I've photographed hundreds of dogs. I have a wealth of professional photography experience working with both nervous (sometimes terrified!) and hyper dogs. I've been invited to work with Dogs Trust Ireland to photograph their dogs that are up for adoption. The charity is very closed about inviting photographers into their sanctuary because of their lack of handling skills and so to receive a personal invitation verifies my skills for working with those more difficult breeds and personalities. Pawtrait is different because it offers a range of locations for your Experience, so we can pick one that's tailored to your packs' needs. As a tip, it’s always a good idea to tire your pet out beforehand by letting them have a good run around before your session. It tends to help with any excited or nervous energy.

Should I groom my dog beforehand?

I will always recommend professional grooming, after all, you wouldn't get your own photograph taken professionally without getting yourself spruced up, right? If you have a long or curly haired breed, make sure your dog is at least brushed before the session so that they will look their best. I don't require your dog to be groomed but again, I would highly recommend it, especially if you are opting for a Studio Experience. If you would like information on grooming salons in the area, please give me a shout and I can help. 

Should I bring anything with me?

Bring a great attitude and prepare to have fun! If you're not going to be in the photographs, then wear old clothes because more than likely you're going to get just about as dirty as I do! You may want to consider bringing a family member or friend along for extra assistance while taking the photographs if you think it might be needed. Please make sure to bring poop bags and if you are bringing a puppy, then please make sure you have pack puppy pads. We'll go through what else is recommended on our Creative Call.

 Is there a fee for you to travel to me?

There is no travel fee if you are based within 30km of the studio address. If you are outside of these limits there will be a small travel fee applied yes. This fee will be listed on your invoice and I will make sure to notify you of any fees at the time of your booking.

I need to reschedule my shoot, is this possible?

Deciding to get professional photography done is an investment and you should certainly make sure that you are free on the date and time chosen. However, I know life can get in the way sometimes. If an illness or situation prevents our session from taking place, you can reschedule up to at least 24 hours prior to your shoot. Please do not leave it until 30 minutes before your shoot to cancel, especially if it's a Saturday! I rarely get lie-ins! Read more...

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Your dog should be up-to-date with their required vaccinations and of course, should not have been exposed to rabies or distemper. Unfortunately, your dog cannot have bitten or shown aggressive or threatening behaviour towards any human or animal. By booking an Experience with Pawtrait you will be entering into a contract in which terms and conditions are outlined. You can read the full terms and conditions here. Terms and conditions are subject to change.

It's called Pawtrait, is it for dogs' only?

I specialise in dog photography. I know all pets don’t necessarily have paws but it was such a cute name I couldn’t resist! I can and have photographed all different kinds of pets, including exotic animals. One thing though, you won't find them on my website. This website is dedicated to life with dogs. If you would like a link to a private gallery for other photography work then get in touch. There is no additional charge for exotic pets.

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