Happy photographer + happy dog = happy client!


In my world, my hair is naturally blue and my dogs’ are important members of my family, treated equal and the same as those not completely covered in fur. I talk to them, make them snacks, celebrate all the holidays and you’ll be guaranteed on their Birthday you’ll find us in the pet shop letting them pick out what they want.

I help dog owners who feel the same way celebrate their dog’s one-of-a-kind personality along with that special love and the amazing bond they share. Together, we create priceless memories that will last forever. With every relationship being so unique, the photographs I create only come about through a collaborative process. As a mum to two rescue pups, I know the importance of making a dog feel comfortable and nothing I do is ever forced. I try to make your experience one big exciting adventure for your dog!

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I work with those special people who share a like-minded passion when it comes to dogs and I’m lucky enough to have met some of the most amazing humans, with the most wonderful stories. We’ve laughed together, cried together and shared our personal stories of life, love and loss. You can check out more of my work and some of their stories below.

Molly: Family is the most important thing…

A family pet means a friend for life... Most of us have properly had the joy of growing up with a pet by our side, but there's really no feeling that compares to your first dog. Dogs' teach us about kindness, empathy, patience and responsibility and they're great for...

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Love is in the air with 4 weeks till Valentine’s Day

Today, Valentine’s Day is four weeks away, and that means Love is officially in the air. I’ve never been a big celebrator of Valentine’s Day but that word, “love”, got me thinking last night about all the gorgeous dogs and their humans I met last year. The love we...

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Riley: sun, sand and being dog.

Have you ever met a dog that's ridiculously happy? Well, that's Riley. It was hard to believe when I met him that he was the runt of the litter who was never picked up by his expected new owner. As a result, he was just given to his mum Claire. You can tell they have...

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