Meet my Pack



Oz is definitely one of a kind, he's a super gentle soul and extremely special. Everybody loves Oz and he loves everybody. We often joke that he would go home with anyone that says hello to him! He adores water, actually, we think he may be obsessed! He attracts many seals when swimming locally.

I'd never heard of an Australian Kelpie but when I saw his picture online it was love at first sight and I knew I had to have him! Oz was found as a stray at 1 year old and due to be destroyed. On the day his life was to end he was rescued by a place in Kilkenny. There for over 4 months, he was having a tough time, being bullied by other dogs over food.

Because Oz just oozes love and has such a wonderful story from feral to (mostly) fearless, we've been volunteering together with PEATA, a Pet Therapy Organisation, for 4 years now.



For all her boldness, Io (Eye-oh) is my little bug and I wouldn't change her for the world. Io has rightfully earned her nick-name the "Slug" because she's so lazy! She has also become the face of Pawtrait and wormed her way into the Packs heart due to her sluggy ways, like having to sit on top of her mum in the Studio to help her edit. At 20kg, that's no easy task! Io will fall asleep just about anywhere, including on an axe.

Io came to us 4 years ago from A Dog's Life, At just 5 months old, she was the cutest little button. Bold as brass and built like a mini tank, Io is a world unto her own. She's very talkative, doesn't like being told off and will let make sure to let you know that.

And so a journey began...

It's been a shit day at work and you're trudging your way back home, exhausted.

You fumble for your keys and make your way inside, feeling tired and hungry.

And then, there it is...that familiar sound of four paws scarpering across the floor to meet you.

Suddenly, everything melts away.

You're enveloped by that smile, furiously waggy tail and special glisten in their eye that says you're the most important thing in their world. Whether it's been two weeks or 5 minutes, that greeting is the same every time you're reunited. It's a glorious testament to the special bond you, and only you, share with your dog. A relationship and love that is one-of-a-kind, will never fade and is the purest form of unadulterated love.

I'm very lucky to have two hairy helpers in my life that have picked me up when I've fallen down. Their love and happiness glow like a big shiny piece of tinfoil held up to the sun. The joy they bring to my world is the reason I began to build the foundations of a dream. A dog photography business.

I wanted to bottle up their essence, that dorky look from Ozzie that makes me laugh, or the way Io sleeps cuddling her favourite piggy toy. I wanted to have a lasting memory of how special they are and to celebrate their uniqueness. Missing teeth and all!

I help owners capture that magic.

That amazing love, special look and pawesome personality that makes their pooch the best thing since sliced bread!

This is my dream, dogs are my passion and I live and breathe mutts!