Have you ever met a dog that’s ridiculously happy?

Well, that’s Riley.

It was hard to believe when I met him that he was the runt of the litter who was never picked up by his expected new owner. As a result, he was just given to his mum Claire.

You can tell they have an unbreakable bond. He was always watching her during our shoot to see where she was. And believe it or not, when we met, this 7-year-old was just at the end of his recovery period for a lower spinal injury!

A little shy at first, we kept our distance on the walk down to the beach till Riley realised I’m here to give treats, not cause any harm. Once our dynamic was established, this beautiful chocolatey boy just continued to open up and show off his amazing personality.

Every time I thought I had got “the shot”, he surprised me by posing for another! I laughed all the way through the selection process to choose Riley’s final images and being honest when I was done there was still 90 I could have happily given to his mum. Culling this gallery was a tough one because there were so many delicious images to choose from.


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