My outrageously talented cousin Graham, who is an award-winning hairstylist, had his life bumped up a grade when this ball of smush came along in 2017. I think it’s really important to capture that special stage in your dog’s life so you can remember it forever and that’s exactly what Graham wanted to do.  

When I saw photographs of her online, and I could finally contain my squealing, we managed to book her in for her puppy shoot. And so, she came into my studio at just 8 weeks old and that sassy butt had the run of the place. Even then, she was a daddy’s girl and giving out if dad left her alone. For five solid minutes, she barked and growled at my camera until she realised it wasn’t going to attack her.

We had such a laugh that when her 1st birthday rolled around this month, I just had to invite this now Queen back into my studio to see how much she’d grown. I even secretly organised a dog-friendly birthday cake for her to munch on! Well, she was still as sassy as ever and 100% ruling the roost at home at that stage. She totted around my studio like she owned it and had no issue putting me in my place is I displeased her.

It’s mad what a difference a year makes, isn’t it?

We so quickly forget just how small and squishy our dogs are if we’re lucky enough to have them from a pup. Don’t miss out on capturing your pup before they grow up.

I just can’t get over how much Moet has changed!



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