Today, Valentine’s Day is four weeks away, and that means Love is officially in the air.

I’ve never been a big celebrator of Valentine’s Day but that word, “love”, got me thinking last night about all the gorgeous dogs and their humans I met last year. The love we share with our dogs really is endlessly unconditional and it’s such a gorgeous thing to witness.

I love watching people’s eyes and face light up when you ask them about their dog. When they take out their phone and have to scroll through 20 thousand photographs of said pooch to find you the one where their dog looks “their best”. I think this is my absolute favourite reaction when I say I am a pet photographer.

And not only am I privileged to witness this outpouring of the purest kind of love, but I get to photograph it too. I think that’s something really amazing. And last year, I got to share a very special day with one of my favourite dog-crazy couples, Hannah and John. When they were arranging to tie the knot, they asked me to bring their pooch, Nutmeg, into town be a part of their wedding photographs in Dublin City Centre. They couldn’t imagine their day without their bestest girl there to celebrate. I know that feeling all too well!

And ok…so maybe it was my favourite weekend of 2018 because I also got to mind Nutmeggles in my house and you all know how I feel about land worms.

On the big day, Nutmeg and I made our way into St. Stephen’s Green to meet mum and dad for the official wedding photographs. I was handling Nutmeg to help the official photographers’ on the day get the shots and make sure she was staring down that lens and showing off all her glorious elegance (em, hello criss-cross paws!). I think it’s important to note that Nutmeg, by the way, has the most “on fleek” eyeliner to rival any celebrity makeup artist out there.

Here are a couple of my own shots from the day, taken from Nutmeg’s point of view while I held the lead, camera and most importantly….sausages.

Have you got your big day coming up this year?

If you would love nothing more than to share your special day with your four-legged bestie than pop me a message and let’s talk dog. My special wedding packages include the digital files so you can include your photographs in your wedding album design.
You can choose to have me either as Chief Doggy Handler to help your own photographer get the shot, or we can have a mini-shoot on your big day where I’ll whisk you away for 30-60 minutes depending on what you want to achieve. Prices include collecting your dog from wherever they are (pet sitter, kennels etc), taking your beloved pet to the venue and returning them home, safe and sound. Gift vouchers are also available if you know this would be the perfect wedding gift for the Bride in your life.

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And since we’re speaking of love, have you checked out my new Gift Shop which launched last week? It contains a small collection of carefully curated gifts bound to show the world just how much you love dogs.

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