HUZZAH! It’s finally here!

*queue trumpets sounding, doges borking and drums drumming!*

Introducing the Pawtrait Ireland Gift Shop. A selection of carefully curated pieces guaranteed to show the world just how much you love dogs!

From simple designs like the “Toe Beans” necklace to something a little more fun like the “Frenchie” ring, an adorable little French bulldog that wraps around your finger, in my spanking new Shop you’ll find the perfect gift for that super special dog lover in your life, or if you just fancy treating yourself (sure why not?!).

Don’t forget Valentine’s Day is just 5 weeks away and while that may seem like ages away, these things have a tendency to creep up on you quicker than a collie chasing a tennis ball!

Trying to find cool dog shiz but having no luck?

When I started my business in late 2016, I didn’t realise just how many humans there were out there who felt exactly the same way about dogs as I did. Entering this new world of meeting dog-mad folk was so wonderful. Suddenly I was able to shout from the rooftops just how mad I was about those four-legged besties and enjoy talking about something I was really passionate about with people who really wanted to listen.

Next thing I knew, everything I owned became dog orientated, from socks and shoes to dresses and tops. The one thing I couldn’t find easily, however, was jewellery and accessories to wear, especially in one place on the Internet! I was frustrating trawling through different sites and Google Searches trying to find a piece of jewellery that suited my dog craze.
Who has time for doing that these days? I have dogs to pet!

My solution?

Create and curate my own Gift Shop and share it with those dog-loving humans! A place to find cool contemporary jewellery and accessories without breaking the bank.

Stop the lights for a second though!

There’s more!

Even more exciting (well for me anyway) than launching the Pawtrait Ireland Gift Shop…early February will see the addition of something really special and close to my heart. Two limited-edition doggy bandanas designed and handmade by my magic elves in Ireland (sssh Fiona).

I’ve chosen two luxurious limited edition prints, one for Good Boys and one for Best Girls, which I know you’ll love!
You’ll also finally be able to purchase your Pawtrait Pack Member embroidered patch. Ok, so that’s the super exciting bit for me! The patch is currently at the very start of production and I cannot wait to share it with you all next month.

Meanwhile, why not take a look at my new Shop and enjoy Free Shipping (no minimum order) from now until Sunday the 13th. Simply enter the Coupon Code FREEPAWTY in the box at the checkout! The coupon expires at midnight on Sunday the 13th.

Also, speaking of Valentine’s if you’re looking for something fancy to do with your pooch, why not head on over to the Pawtrait Pack on Facebook. I’m organising a Doggy Date night for Wednesday the 13th of February but you have to be a Pack Member in order to get the deets.

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