It's been a shit day at work and you're trudging home...

Exhausted. You fumble for your keys and make your way inside, feeling tired and hungry.

And then, there it is...that familiar sound of four paws scarpering across the floor to meet you.

Suddenly, everything melts away.

You're enveloped by that smile, furiously waggy tail and special glisten in their eye that says you're the most important thing in their world. Around you, your dog never has a bad day. It's a glorious testament to the special bond you, and only you, share with your dog.

I help dog owners, just like you, capture those special moments so they can hold onto them forever.

I'm very lucky to have two hairy helpers in my life that have picked me up when I've fallen down. Their love and happiness glow like a big shiny piece of tinfoil held up to the sun. The power they've had on me in my darkest moments is the reason I began to build the foundations of this business and dream.

I wanted to bottle up their essence and hold it close to my heart forever. That dorky look from Ozzie that makes me laugh, or the way Io sleeps cuddling her favourite piggy toy. I wanted to have a lasting memory of how special they are and to celebrate their uniqueness. Missing teeth and all!

I now help other people tell the story of their dog.

The Pawtrait Pack

What inspires me most is our history with dogs. A story that's not based on survival of the fittest, but the survival of the friendliest. Vicious wolves were chased away by hunter-gatherers while friendly wolves were invited into a place by the fire.

I believe in a community rather than an "each-to-their-own" view on life.  I created a safe place, where dog lovers can come together to celebrate the story of their dog. We also meet at dog-friendly events which I organise so we can touch base in person. A number of pack members (myself included!) have overcome depression, anxiety or social isolation with the help of our four-legged best friend and I think that's powerful stuff!

My #followthepack hashtag comes from a story I once read. Did you know in a wolf pack, the elderly, young and infirm are brought to the front of the pack to set the pace. As a result, no-one ever gets left behind?

If you want to be belong to something truly special then...